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How to Pick the Best Real Estate Agent

How to Pick the Best Real Estate Agent

Whether buying or selling, choose an agent who communicates effectively and is responsive when you call or email. Throughout the process, there are a lot of details that need to be discussed and you will have a lot of questions.

Having an agent that you are comfortable communicating with and that is available to you when you need them will make a big difference. There is a lot of education that agents often provide to buyers and sellers so you want someone who can do this effectively.

For Sellers:

Sellers, you will want to understand the agent’s process for selling your home.

What is their marketing strategy?
What things do they do to go above and beyond from just listing it on the MLS?
Do they use professional services (photography, videography, staging, etc.)?
If there is an agent that you have in mind, I would suggest calling on one of their listings before you set up the listing appointment. This will give you an opportunity to see how they respond to your inquiry.

How easy of a process do they make it for buyers to schedule a showing? How well do they sell the property when they describe it to you?

Getting an idea of how an agent responds on another listing of theirs is a great way to see how they would respond on your listing.



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